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 Aicho Chouji

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[The Outside]

Name: Aicho Chouji

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 162.5cm

Weight: 49kg

Date of Birth: 02/29

Age of Appearance: 17

Actual Age: 17

General Appearance: [10/20] Long white hair and green eyes. A goofy smile, and peachy skin. Usually wearing a tight unitard, hugged tightly by her sword-strap, covered from the waist down by large, red, baggy pants. She wears her head band on the top of her head.

[The Inside]

Origin: Wannabe Samurai

Place of Birth: Hidden Sand Village

Alignment: Good

Organization/Occupation: Hidden Sand Village

General Personality: Aicho is a confident swordsman who is able to remain calm in even the most stressful situations. She cares greatly for her teammates, and can often times be perceived as overemotional when dealing with daily drama. Aicho also tends to be very shy when talking to people she respects or has feelings towards.

Likes: Potatoes, Rice, Observing/Studying, Humming

Dislikes: Wind, Coarsness

Habits: Always humming

Goals: To re-ignite the practice of Samurai in the Shinobi world


Classification: Samurai

Advantages: Add one to a Characteristic: DEX 3X
Immunity to Pain and Fatigue
Martial Mastery III

Disadvantages: Vulnerable to Cold
Slow Reactions II
Deep Sleep

[The Past]

Timeline: Make a timeline of important events in your character's life that you may want the admins and mods to know about as well as just events that you feel like should be mentioned.

Family: Ukou Chouji - Father



Weapon Mods: Katana

Style Mods: Batojutsu
Yuuse Batojutsu
Additional Attacks
Firm Grip

Martial Arts: Grappling

Ars Magnus: Accumulation of Energy

Jutsu [Abilities]: Use of Chakra, Chakra Control, Physical Dominion, [Physical Change] Transformation Jutsu, Shadow Clone Jutsu [Multiplication of Bodies]

Jutsu [Techniques]:

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Aicho Chouji
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