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 Ace Toromaki, of the Rain WIP

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PostSubject: Ace Toromaki, of the Rain WIP   Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:54 pm

[The Outside]

Name: Ace Toromaki

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: 185.5cm

Weight: 104kg

Date of Birth: 07/31

Age of Appearance: 20

Actual Age: 18

General Appearance: [Appearance Rating: 17/20] Ace has thin, angular features and clear blue sapphires for eyes that regress behind an ocean of silver. A thin scar across the bridge of his nose is the only thing that blemishes his ghostly white face. Although one would assume the color of the boy's flesh is due to the lack of sunlight it gets, all members of the arachnophilic Toromaki Clan are notoriously pale.

Thanks to his intense Taijutsu training, Ace is an imposing physical figure, reaching just over six feet in height, and has a tense musculature. While he's not bulky, he's not particularly slim either. Rather, he's at an in between state that gives him a somewhat boring form.

[The Inside]

Origin: Misguided Savior

Place of Birth: Hidden Rain Village

Organization/Occupation: Yuyami

General Personality: When he can afford to be, Ace is a hopeless womanizer

Likes: Rain, Spiders, Women

Dislikes: War, Weak Shinobi

    Speaks in a condescending tone to most
    Underestimates his opponents
    Becomes enraged when injured
    Quick to anger
    Dojutsu fetish
    Tendency for killing opponents unintentionally

Goals: Ace aims to create an army to make Takegakure the strongest Hidden Village, in order to put an end to all wars.


Classification: Taijutsu Specialist

    Combat Senses: Attack
    Martial Mastery II
    Add one to Dexterity III

    Powerful Enemy II: Akatsuki
    Grave Addiction: Womanizing

Weapon Proficiencies:

[The Past]

0 - Born
5 - Kira Was Born
8 - Academy Graduation
11 - Murdered his Squadmate
12 - Battle with Matatabi
13 - Became Matatabi's Overseer
13 - Selected a New Team
14 - Qualified for, and Refused to Participate in Chuunin Exams
15 - Partnership with Yahiko [Age 19] to Overthrow Hanzo
16 - Met Kisame
17 - Began Covert Operations on the Hidden Leaf
17 - Formation of Yuyami
18 - Infiltration of the Hidden Leaf
18 - Murder of Neji Hyuuga
18 - Became Rank B Criminal to the Hidden Leaf

    Kira Toromaki - Sister
    Asuka Toromaki - Mother

History: Please, tell us in detail how your character has managed to get to where they are this very day. Tell us their struggles and what they were put through as a character, show uss development of them. Where they just simple farmers gifted with strange magical powers that they practiced on their own? What about a test experiment stolen from their parents at a young age? Maybe they are literally just a peasant that steals for a living and barely has any knowledge in combat.


Weapon Mods:
    Shinobi Module

Style Mods:

Martial Arts:
    Tai Chi

Ars Magnus:
    Infinite Attacks

Jutsu [Abilities]: Use of Chakra, Chakra Control, Presence Extrusion, Walking on Walls Technique, Aura Extension, Inhumanity, Use of Necessary Energy

Jutsu [Techniques]:
Silk Style:
Great Spider King!:
Silk Style:
Silk Style:
Spider Art:


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Posts : 11
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Ace Toromaki, of the Rain WIP   Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:06 pm

Genin Info Card
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Ace Toromaki, of the Rain WIP
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