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 Dante Kurogane

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Dante Kurogane

Dante Kurogane

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Dante Kurogane   Dante Kurogane EmptyTue Apr 04, 2017 8:35 pm

Dante Kurogane F19bb610

Name: Dante Kurogane

Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 167

Date of Birth: ???

Age of Appearance: 18-23

Actual Age: 19

General Appearance: What do you look like? Keep in mind appearance rolls don’t affect this that much.

[The Inside]

Origin: Carefree, longing, loyal

Place of Birth: Land of Fire

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Organization/Occupation: Traveling Circus member/ Bounty Hunter

General Personality: Dante is generally seen as a compassionate person. Those that know him through the circus see him usually smiling and working hard for his group. Although one thing remains constant with Dante. He almost never initiates a conversation with strangers. This is caused by his second hobby, which of course is his bounty hunting. Dante only ever accesses his bingo book under two conditions. One: The circus needs funds. Two: He gains something from the bounty itself.(other than the funds)

Spending time with the other Circus members and friends he's made along the way.

Being betrayed
Seeing those close to him hurt
Being a burden

Watching clouds

Special Traits: He really likes to eat. Also known to flick things into oblivion.


Classification: Taijustsu user capable of enhancing his physical traits.

Advantages: What does your character have that sets them out from other people? (3 base cp to spend.)

Disadvantages: What does your character have that makes them unlucky, something they aren’t the best at? (Can only have 3)

Exceptional Skills:
Acrobatics- skills developed during his time with the Circus
Athleticism- For when they try to run
Music- pretty decent at guitar

Starting Weapon: His fists

[The Past]

0: born
9-10: Met Ace Toromaki
11-19: Time with circus

Family: Unknown

History: Will be shown if he decides to make it known. Very few know of his history prior to his circus career.

Weapon Mods: Ninja

Martial Arts:
Shotokan- Supreme Degree
God Hand- Base

Ki Abilities:
Aura extension
Presence Extrusion
Increased Damage&speed

Ki Techniques:

First Movement: Jinsoku
Second Movement: Ken
Third Movement: Chikara
Fourth movement: Han'nō
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Dante Kurogane
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