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 Ma'hu Yokashi

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Ma'hu Yokashi   Ma'hu Yokashi EmptyMon Mar 27, 2017 4:20 pm

[The Outside]

Ma'hu Yokashi GQdUU8q

Name: Ma'hu Yokashi

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 4'5

Weight: 60 lbs

Date of Birth: 12/12

Age of Appearance: 18

Actual Age: 14

General Appearance: [19/20]

[The Inside]

Origin: True Ninja

Place of Birth: The Hidden Leaf Village

Organization/Occupation: Unaffiliated, Roams around.

General Personality: Ma'hu tends to stick to herself when near other people, she doesn't like growing bonds and she doesn't like connections. She tends to mind her own business and is very reclusive, she doesn't seem particularly nice but she also doesn't seem too rude either. She has a distaste for being noticed and often stays hidden in the shadows for most of her life or among crowds.

Likes: Going unnoticed, surprising people, panthers.

Dislikes: Beings noticed, places without any shadows or cover.


Ma'Hu likes to stay in the shadows and she hardly ever is out in the light, she normally has a large supply of smoke bombs on her at the ready.

Goals: Be the stealthiest and most unnoticeable ninja in the world.


Classification: Technician


Martial Mastery III

Suitable in Subterfuge II

Gestureless I

Innate Power I

Power II


Powerful Enemy II (Unknown) As of yet the persons who find a disliking to Ma'hu is unknown, what is known is that she is wanted dead for information she may have that they do not want her to have.

Phobia of Hidden Sand Village Ninja I

Damned II Every time Ma'hu uses a ki technique she must roll a wp check, due to their dark natures. The check is 12 (she has a 5 wp). The level of failure depends on how many she misses the check by, each level equals the amount of Ki points the character looses. If the character doesn't have ki points to spend it will take that much away from their life point pool instead, counting it as a sacrifice.


Starting Weapon: Dagger

Weapon Mod: Shinobi Mod.


[The Past]


Ma'Hu is born.

Ma'hu is instantly thrown into training as a shinobi

Ma'hu masters stealth at the age of 5

Ma'hu learns how to bend shadows to her will to aid in her stealth

Ma'hu enter the chunin exam

Ma'hu fails her first exam

Ma'hu trains in the art of illusion and learns to control spirit fire

Ma'hu heads off for the next exam


Makine Yokashi

Ushima Yokashi

History: N/A

Style Mods:
Multiple Missles

Martial Arts:
Tai Chi

Ars Magnus:
Umbra: Attack of Shadows. 30 DP. 50 MK.

Chakra Abilities: Use of Chakra, Weight Elemination, Use of Necassary Energy, Chakra concealment, Inhumanity.

Chakra Techniques:

Eye of the Void:

Dark Essence:


Visions of Nothing:
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Ma'hu Yokashi
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