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 Kia Mashiro

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PostSubject: Kia Mashiro   Kia Mashiro EmptyMon Mar 27, 2017 11:21 pm

[The Outside]

Kia Mashiro XBUNIZf

Name: Kia Mashiro

Gender: Female

Species: Unknown

Height: 5'2

Weight: 137 lbs

Date of Birth: 9/22

Age of Appearance: 20 ish

Actual Age: 35

General Appearance: [11/20]

[The Inside]

Origin: Mischievous

Place of Birth: Beneba Tree

Organization/Occupation: Trouble maker.

General Personality: Describe how your character acts when around people or not around people, we expect the general personality to at least be three sentences. Is your character a loner or the life of the party?

Likes: Teasing, Flying, Relaxing and doing nothing.

Dislikes: Bad jokes, being disturbed when relaxing and being forced to work.


Kia's antenna's twitch whenever she gets and idea or starts scheming about something.

Goals: Make being a sage easy.


Classification: Moth Sage.


Blood of the Great Beast. III

Martial Mastery III

Total Accum II

Reroll Chara. I

+1 to Power. I


Phobia of birds. I

Slow Learner. II

Addiction to smoking. I

Starting Weapon: Kiseru

Shinobi Mod.

[The Past]

Kia Mashiro TJNDe08

Timeline: Make a timeline of important events in your character's life that you may want the admins and mods to know about as well as just events that you feel like should be mentioned.

Family: Does your character have any known family, is their entire family gone?

History: Please, tell us in detail how your character has managed to get to where they are this very day. Tell us their struggles and what they were put through as a character, show uss development of them. Where they just simple farmers gifted with strange magical powers that they practiced on their own? What about a test experiment stolen from their parents at a young age? Maybe they are literally just a peasant that steals for a living and barely has any knowledge in combat.


Beast Blood:

Additional Attacks -30 x2.100 DP.

Nat Weapons. 20 DP.

Style Mods:

Martial Arts:

Ars Magnus:

Chaos Control. 80 DP. 100 MK.

Mundus. 30 DP. 50 MK.

Ki Abilities: Use of Chakra, Chakra Control, Weight Elimination, Levitation, Mass Movement, Object Motion, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Inhumanity, Zen.

Ki Techniques:

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Kia Mashiro
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