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 Irezumi and Ochitsuita eri

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Irezumi and Ochitsuita eri Empty
PostSubject: Irezumi and Ochitsuita eri   Irezumi and Ochitsuita eri EmptySun Mar 26, 2017 4:36 pm

Artifact I.

level: 2

Ochitsuita eri is the collar that is always seen latched around, Ochitsuita eri or Calm Collar if you wish was made to quells the blood that runs through Abel's veins. Whenever Abel get's to his most powerful state of rage, not only must he pass the WP to stay sane and abel to control himself, he must also roll a PHR check of 140 or the rage will instantly be sterilized. This does not work for the first form of rage, only the second form, the most powerful.

Normal metal Collar, Master Quality. +70 to presence.

Method of creation: Runes.

General Quality +5. 50 PP. 1st Level

Low utility power. 100 PP. 2nd Level.

Altered Characteristic, WP 10. 20 PP. 3rd Level

Artifact II.

Level: 2+

Irezumi is the name of Abel's second artifact and this artifact is the most obvious, it's the tattoo's that cover the entirity of abel's body. These tattoo's conceal Abel's most deadliest aspect, his double bladed katana. The katana are beautifully designed and seem like art work in themselves.

A large Masterpiece. 80 Presence

Method of creation: Alchemy

Hidden: 100 PP. 3rd Level

Quality +5: 50 PP. 2nd Level

-3 to enemies armor. 40 PP.  2nd level

Precise weapon. 50 PP. 2nd level.

+10 to damage. 20 pp. 1st Level
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Irezumi and Ochitsuita eri
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