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 Anamika The Spirit

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Character sheet

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[The Outside]

Anamika The Spirit __original_drawn_by_suanjianyanchendianyushui__sample-e5691ab75b07004f53c4e6e6f3f633ce

Name: Anamika

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5'0

Weight: 80 lbs.

Date of Birth: 1/1

Age of Appearance: 16

Actual Age: 16

General Appearance: [18/20] Anamika has very soft features, her face is very gentle and at peace, her eyes glow with happiness and her smile is almost enough to stop most people in their tracks from trying to fight her. She is fairly small, in fact smaller than most anyone you'll find in the world, she had long navy blue hair and shining turquoise eyes. She normally is seen wearing a kimono and nothing else, always the same Kimono as if it's attached to her.  She is normally seen wearing a fox mask.

Anamika The Spirit Bdc2bcd183720ce2c09d46dd576ca540

[The Inside]

Origin: Generous Spirit

Place of Birth: Unknown.

Alignment: Good

Organization/Occupation: Not much is known about Anamika. Some consider her a myth. She shows up only during prolonged battles, those lucky and left to die are usually the ones visited by her.

General Personality: Generous and gentle, Anamika is as soft as a butterfly floating through the wind, her presence is hardly known by those who don't take the time to try and notice. She is quiet but her gentle actions tell those who meet her just exactly who she is, she is sweet and means no harm to anyone. She believes that there is no such thing as evil, just misguidance and she wishes to guide all to the path of peace.

Likes: Calm winds, Sunny days, The sounds of nature, emotions.

Dislikes: Anguish, Sadness, Pain.


Anamika dislikes engaging in combat and causing harm to anyone, she prefers to watch battles and to stay back.

Anamika is fairly good when it comes to cheering on her allies, if she does happen to be on a side it will come to no surprise to see her excitedly dancing in the back ground or playing some music


Teach the world to embrace peace.

Special Traits:

Anamika is extremely flexible, she can bend and squeeze her way into almost any position.


Classification: Healer


Martial Mastery III

Suitable in Medicine I

No Gestures I

Total Accumulation II

Unconnected Teq's I


Mute I

Feeble I

Damned II (If she takes an innocent life she dies instantly)

Starting Weapon: Flute

[The Past]


Anamika is first seen after a major battle between the Village of Rain and The Hidden Stone Village.

Anamika's legend starts to spread as she starts appearing all over the land of the ninja.

Family: N/A


Weapon Mods:
Shinobi Moduel

Style Mods:

Martial Arts:
Tai Chi

Ars Magnus:

Chakra Abilities: Use of Chakra, Chakra Control, Eliminate Weight, Chakra Transmission, Chakra Healing, Superior Chakra Healing, Stablize, Life Sacrifice, Teq Pushing. 150 spent on Abilities.

Chakra Techniques:



Ki Pool: 94

290 MK Spent

20 into Accum

40 into ki pool

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Anamika The Spirit
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