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 Abel Aldereith

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Abel Aldereith 6uClZhL

[The Outside]

Name: Abel Aldereith

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: 5'8

Weight: 156 lbs

Date of Birth: 7/21

Age of Appearance: 21

Actual Age: 18

General Appearance: [14/20] Abel is a tall dark skinned man, he has tatto's tracing all over his body, The symbols on his body have no known origin but one can make out a few simple markings, there are some eyes, what looks like a monsters shape on his chest and that's about it. He has long black hair that reachest down to his waist and his eyes are a dark brown color. Abel always seems to be shirtless though he reasons this to not wanting his tatto's to be covered up and that it dampens some of the power they hold.

Abels form is terrifying, he is taller than most people and is definitely more well build that most people are, his figure is that of someone who you do not want to mess with in any situation and he always has a look of death and hatred in his eyes. This of course does not mean he looks bad in anyway, in all honestly he is quite the attractive young man, he just can't seem to wipe the anger off his face.

[The Inside]

Abel Aldereith HJ9RSGz

Origin: Troubled Berserker

Place of Birth: Village Hidden in the Sands. (Hidden Sand Village)

Alignment: Undecided

Organization/Occupation: Abel is actually a cook.

General Personality: Abel is a man who at first seems like someone you don't want to get close to, he looks like a man to punch who ever talks to him. In reality Abel is just a gentle soul who wants nothing more than to just make people happy, he is charitable and generous to everyone. Abel should not be feared but at the same time he should be, for deep inside him there is a undying rage that threatens to break free every day.

Likes: Cooking, Sleeping, Being alone.

Dislikes: Annoying people, Being blamed for stuff he didn't do, Liars.


Abel has a habit of tugging on a bracer around his neck whenever he is nervous or scared.

Abel enjoys challenging people he finds to be stronger than him, it allows him to test himself out and see what he can do.

Due to Abel's blood line he is easy to rage, he can't control the anger that boils deep within him.

Goals: Become a famous cook and a famous shinobi, even though he isn't the stealthiest.


Abel Aldereith BHLVedV

Classification: Rage Ninjutsu Specialist.


Blood of Rage I (The Blood of Orochi)

Blood of Eternal Life I (Eternal Blood)

Artifact II & I

Martial Mastery III

Hard to kill I

Gestureless Ki I


Prejudice against Hidden Stone Village Ninja. II

Rival II

Bad Luck. I

Stating Weapon: Two Bladed Katana.

Weapon Proficiency:




[The Past]

Abel Aldereith NCSb4Kf


Caine Aldereith (Brother)

Okami Aldereith (Mother)

Time Line:

Abel is Born.

Abel discovers his lineage.

Abel beats up a group of kids on his own.

Abel is given his Hiden

Abel goes berserk and kills his mother and father

Abel is given his collar and forbidden to go anywhere without it or risk execution.

Abel tries to find inner peace

Abel meets his mentor.

Abel learns how to cook.

Abel's mentor dies due to old age.

Abel learns how to fight and use his Jutsu.

Abel becomes a genin

Abel opens up his own noodle business

Abel gets his first rival

Abel is stalked by his rival

Abel is stalked by a random stalker


Abel was born in the Hidden Sand Village, when he was born he didn't cry, he didn't squirm, he didn't giggle, he didn't do any of the things that children would do when they are born. He just, was furious, he punched at the air, squirmed and screamed as loud as a newborn can. It took a while for him to settle down but once he did he was a happy baby, he was a happy child too, but he was forced to stay away from most children, he would get angered too much and normally that would follow up with him fighting anyone that got in his way.

Abel grew up consumed with an unholy anger, most of it was blamed on his great grandfather, a man with the same violent origin who descended from a long line of berserkers. He was lucky or unlucky enough to be one of the first children in 2 generations to receive the blood again, this was his kekkai genkai, a gift only he had and he was smug and proud about it. Abel made sure to flaunt his powers about as much as he possibly could, not only that but he was part of a family line that also had their own special hiden, a tattoo gifted to all the children at the age of 12, this tattoo was masterfully crafted and enchanted with the childs own blood as well as other secret processes in order to make their 'Soul Tattoo.' a tattoo that produced some sort of effect or item based on the childs soul and nature. You can probably guess that Abel got something related to violence, a double bladed katana with jagged edges.

[To Be Continued]

[Combat Knowledge]

Weapon Mods:
Shinobi Module

Style Mods:
Batojutsu. (30 DP.)


Martial Arts:
Muay Thai

Ars Magnus:
Final attack. 30 Dp. 10 ML

Jutsu [Abilities]: Use of Chakra, Chakra Control, Weight Elimination, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Use of Necessary Energy, Eleminate Necessities, Inhumanity.  

Jutsu [Techniques]:


Mark of the Demon:

Furious Precision:

Undying Rage:

Misc: 100 Secondary DP spent on multipliers for health.

10 dp spent on mk

20 dp spent on Ki Pool

1 Agi Accum

2 Strength Accum

2 Con Accum

1 Power Accum

1 Willpower Accum

1 Dex Accum

Ki Pool: 91

Abel Aldereith WOyogYS
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Abel Aldereith
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